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Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory


KSVDL Quality Committee

Kelli Almes – Client Services and Necropsy
Joe Anderson – Virology
Anushka George – Immunology
Chandra Gordon – Quality Manager , Committee Chair
Jamie Henningson – Histopathology
Brian Lubbers – Clinical Microbiology and Microbial Surveillance Laboratory-Olathe
Elizabeth McQuade – Rabies
Susan Moore – Rabies and Serology
Janice Muller – Clinical Pathology
Lalitha Peddireddi – Molecular Diagnostics – Service
Elizabeth Poulsen – Molecular Diagnostics – R&D
Tanya Purvis – Clinical Microbiology
Debra Ritchie – Parasitology
Heather Sloan – Virology
Kelsey Wohletz – Client Services
Kristina Wyatt – Histopathology
Fangfeng Yuan – Molecular Diagnostics – Service

KSVDL Advisory Board

Gary Anderson, Chair
Kelli Almes, Diagnostic Pathologist
William Brown, Kansas Livestock Commissioner
Garry Cown, Practitioner – small animal
William Fortney, Outreach and Extension
Fred Gardner, Practitioner – equine and mixed animal
Gregg Hanzlicek, Professor and Outreach Coordinator
Shane Hesting, Kansas Wildlife Coordinator
Megan Kilgore, Executive Director KVMA
Kim Kirkham, Area Veterinarian, USDA/APHIS
Mary Ann Kniebel, Beef Producer
Brian Lubbers, Clinical Pharmacologist/Microbiologist
Eric Moore, Professional Services, Norbrook Animal Health
Sharon Schwartz, State Representative and Swine Producer
Tom Schwartz, Director, Veterinary Health Center
Randall Spare, Practitioner – mixed animal
Matt Teagarden, President, Kansas Livestock Association
John Teeter, Practitioner – small animal
Dan Thomson, Professor and Industry Liaison