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Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Bovine Trichomoniasis Sample Handling

Trich testing season is winding down, but it is worth mentioning some important tips to assure the most accurate test result. 

  • Trich pouches and tubes must arrive at the KSVDL within 72 hours of collection. 
  • The pouches and tubes must be kept between 59° F and 99° F from the time the sample is collected until arrival at the lab. 
  • KSVDL’s UPS ground labels are perfect for assuring samples will arrive in a timely manner for samples collected and shipped on Monday through Thursday. 
  • Also have a discount Saturday delivery pre-made label; this is ideal for Trich samples collected and shipped on Friday. 

For more information on these test options, please contact KSVDL Client Care at clientcare@vet.k-state.edu or 866-884-3867

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