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Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Tests and Fees

FAVN-Rabies Antibody for ExportAll AnimalsSerum (1-2ml)Click here for current turnaround time.More Info
Fecal Float for Parasites Quantitative Exam - Wisconsin TechniqueAllFresh FecesNeed at least 5 grams of fresh feces.Wisconsin technique is sensitive to 10 eggs per gram.Fresh Feces1. Fresh fecal samples are less than 48 hours old.2. Samples should be placed in individual sealed containers labeled with the animal number/name and the date collected.3. Acceptable containers include plastic containers with lids, WhirlPaks, and ziplock bags.Please do not send feces in rubber gloves or OB sleeves.4. Refrigerate samples as soon as possible after collection, but do not freeze.5. Submit samples as soon as possible in a Styrofoam container with frozen gel packs via any of the 24 to 48 hour transport services.6. See individual test for sample size.Most tests require 5 grams of feces for accurate results.More Info
Fecal FloationAllFresh Feces (5 grams)Fecal samples must be less than 48 hours old. Refrigerate samples as soon as possible after colleciton, but do not freeze.More Info
Fibrinogen (Clauss) ( CP310 )AllWhole blood (EDTA) More Info
Fungal CultureAllAll$19.00 first specimen, $5.00 each additional specimenMore Info