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Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Tests and Fees

Salmonella EnrichmentAllFeces, GI tractThis test is performed with the aerobic culture for appropriate specimens that could contain Salmonella sp.More Info
Triglyceride ( CP2305 )AllSerum More Info
Tritrichomonas foetus - PCRBovineBovine- Preputial samples in InPouch (bovine-red) or Transit TubeCharge for each sample submitted.More Info
Tritrichomonas foetus - PCR - POOLEDBovinePreputial samples sent InPouchSamples will be pooled by the lab in groups of 2 to 5 bulls.

Each sample in the pool will be charged at $12.00 per sample ($60.00 for a pool of 5 bulls).

Samples must be individually collected in the InPouch: the lab will pool samples.If pooling is not marked on the submission from, individual PCR will be completed.
More Info
Tritrichomonas Foetus InPouch TF - BovineBovineBovine- Preputial samples in InPouch (bovine-red)Do not refrigerate sample. Samples that arrive at the lab on Saturday are unsuitable for this test. Small quantities of InPouches may be purchased from the KSVDL. Larger quatities may be purchased from BioMed Diagnostics, 1-800-964-6466.More Info